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          July 17th 2014      Sun, Sea and Salty speeches           On July 17th, the club held its first ever open-air meeting at Splash Point, on Worthing seafront. Splash Point is located at the Eastern end of the promenade. Perhaps its main claim to fame is that it is formally recognised by a bylaw as being a place for delivering “sermons and public speeches”. It was an evening blessed with fine weather and splendid speeches. In fact, it was such an enjoyable event that we plan to repeat it again next year! Bob Smytherman, the official Worthing Town Crier was on hand to loudly proclaim the event. With his smart regalia and ultra-loud bell, he certainly managed to pull in the crowds! Bob’s official photographer John Young was on hand to record the event and he has created a wonderful portfolio of photographs that capture the flavour of the moment. So roll on summer of 2015, when we will once again convene for another session of Sun, Sea and Salty Speeches.
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